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UNSW students seize Max Brenner

BREAKING: Up to thirty UNSW students aligned with left-leaning socialist factions have occupied the UNSW Max Brenner store, demanding an end to the Israeli blockade of, and war on, Gaza.

Tharunka understands that the protesters are refusing to leave until Israel permanently withdraws all ground troops from Gaza and ends its persecution of the Palestinian people.

Approximately thirty protesters marched into the Max Brenner store on the Kensington campus less than one hour ago, shouting “Free Palestine from the river to the sea!”, “Max Brenner, come off it , there’s blood in your hot chocolate!”, and “Netanyahu listen well, your Zionist soldiers will burn in hell”.

Student response to the protest was mixed, but most students appeared to be broadly in support of the chanting protesters as they passed the store.

More details to come as they arise.

Note: This story is part of UNSW students’ yearly Foundation Day prank.

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