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Join The Tharunka Team!

Tharunka is always looking for student contributors. As the only student-run magazine on campus, Tharunka relies on contributions to fill it’s pages. We’re open for one-time submissions or regular contributors. We accept works of fiction, poetry, investigative content, satire, opinion and reviews.

Although we are open to submissions of all types, it is always better to contact the editors before submitting a lengthy work so that we can provide you with suggestions as to what can be published and what cannot. We (attempt to) maintain a consistent style – it may be a good idea to read a copy of Tharunka before submitting for the first time.

Tharunka is also accepts visual submissions, including cartoons, comics, photographs and collage.

If you’d rather not submit a longer piece, perhaps you can write us a letter.

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  1. Hello

    How are you? I have a quick question. Would you be open to student contributors from other universities also, or is contribution open to UNSW students only.

    Thank you

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