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Affirmative Action for Arc Board

By Jocelyn Dracakis, 2016 Women’s Officer Whether this was your first O-week scrounging freebies amid a flurry of Yellow Shirts, or whether you’re a jaded, sixth-year soul no longer discernible from the vintage furniture in the Whitehouse, it’s fair to say that we’ve all learnt to love Arc pretty quickly. …

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Noodle House Yarns – Arc Board Elections

By David Bailey-Mckay I write this article during Arc Board and university council elections. At the same time, the Bunyip Aristocracy has handed down a budget worthy of Ancien Régime. This article, however, will not be lambasting the federal Coalition – read SRC OB reports for that. Instead, I’ll focus …

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Shortlist #3

New academic withdrawal procedure set to ‘out’ students with disabilities Under a new procedure for academic withdrawals from courses, applications made after the census and academic withdrawal dates, but prior to the final day of teaching, will elicit an ‘Academic Withdrawal’ grade on students’ academic transcripts. A second ‘Permitted Withdrawal’ …

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Shortlist #2

SRC undertakes review of NUS affiliation This year the SRC has formed an internal working group to review and formulate submissions regarding the affiliation of UNSW to the National Union of Students (NUS). Last year the SRC held off affiliation to NUS after there were concerns brought up about how …

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