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2018 Editorial Team

Managing Editor

Slammer of poetry, writer of stories, singer of sad love songs that are also kinda sexy.

Sure, Lungol enjoys long walks on the beach and spending time with his family, but he also enjoys making everything about race and ruining your fave tv shows because they’re problematic and have no women of colour. When he isn’t running out of Tinder swipes, he’s linking everything back to colonisation and demanding reparations from the poor barista that’s struggling with his ethnic name

Digital Media Sub-Editor

If you see someone taking regular 10 minute naps, then you should know that you’ve finally met Sahana. With her random ‘dance offs’ and occasional ‘speak outs’, she struggles to meet any expectations for a med student. Whether her biggest weakness is cucumbers or never replying to messages is a question yet to be answered, but her love to interact and to write has made her one of Tharunka’s supportrs.

Jack Mangos

Jack finds it far easier to make a fool of himself in-person, and so has retreated to the annals of Tharunka for social assistance and a confidence boost. His primary interest is the intersection of literature, philosophy, and pop culture. Jack enjoys beer; you should consider buying him one.

Maggie Hill

Maggie is a margarita drinking, nap-time lover and poetry enthusiast who spends her nights avoiding all of her responsibilities by watching subpar real-life crime shows; only to lie in bed stressing her problems later. Simply, she is just your average girl who still doesn’t understand why she has no motivation in the morning or why she can never find a seat in the library. She is also unhealthily addicted to Aloe Vera Water.

amy ge

Hailing originally from Perth, Western Australia, Amy is a current Media Arts student studying graphic design and animation at UNSW Art and Design. In her spare time, when not working on illustrations, she can be found working on zines, organising community events or volunteering around Sydney.