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Spotlight On: Senthorun Raj

By Priya Gauchan and Brittney Rigby   Senthorun Raj is a queer academic focusing on the intersection of gender, sexuality and human rights. He loves Grindr, glitter and Twitter, and has written for The Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald. Sen is a current law lecturer at England’s Keele University, …

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A Slice of Guilt Pie: Force-Fed

  By Jumaana Abdu   @kaZZ1995 . 8:23 AM Feb 28 Back to uni today. 3 months off was not enough save me   @DevPatella 8:37 AM Feb 28 gon miss my holiday beard. security at uni been uptight since Nov incident. can’t afford to look threatening, just wanna pass …

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Triggered Feminazi #SJW Gets #Owned

By Abby Butler   CW: sexual harassment, assault   “On Wednesday night last week, I was indecently assaulted.”   This is the first sentence of Georgia Mueck’s post to a Newcastle nightclub’s Facebook page. It’s prompted, at the time of writing, over 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments. The status …

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