By Nicola Ray and John Seroukas In an event where comedy meets commentary, the hugely popular comedic spectacular “Comedy v Racism” brings together an eclectic

By Caley Bawden Warning: contains spoilers. To say that I was excited for the release of S-Town is an understatement. Over the years, I have amassed

By Zara Khan and Jordan Daly Photos by Ansel Wakamatsu     Sauce: Performances by four local poets: Onur Karaozbek, (UNSW’s very own!) Albert Lin, Fayroze Lutta and Hasitha

By Eric Qian Before the Rain brings together different artists to explore narratives of civil disobedience and unrest, and to observe the quest to attain

By Dylan Hopcroft If all you want to do at uni is fall in love, or see some hot young couples having a pash, then

In celebration of International Women’s Day this week, Tharunka is publishing a series of stories written by women, about women. By Emily Olorin This year, for