By Alexander Biscu Β  Of course logging is bad, I thought with a mental shrug. Pretty much everyone agrees, right? But this is Australia, not some

By Gloria Demillo You probably picked up your last K-Zone from Woolies a while ago. But the man who brought you the best kid’s magazine

By Garry Lu With his recent retirement from politics, Clive Palmer has taken up the noble profession of memes. Inside sources suggest that although Palmer has

By Courtney Thompson Last week, it was announced that the 457 Temporary Work Visa, which allows foreign immigrants to temporarily live and work in Australia

By Stephen BrannonΒ  Deputy Vice Chancellor Merlin Crossley has blasted students and staff in an email sent late last night. "If you are receiving this email,

By Stephen Brannon Today the Australian Research Council announced that it would further fund the UNSW Quantum Computing lab in order to store its immense