By Mirachael Racela   Dear Agony Ibis, I’m all for marriage equality, and it’s been great to see groups on campus advocating for queer people. The real

By Anonymous CW: relationship abuse, sexual harassment and violence I wish I could say that my identity as a young, bisexual woman and my history of

By Jordan Daly   The existence of a gender pay gap is pretty well-established unless you’re a Men’s Rights Activist. It’s probably one of the few

By Alex Linker   I first heard the term "passing" when I discovered other trans people. In the trans community, passing means being seen as the

By Emily Van Arendonk “You’re just confused.” “You just want to be on trend.” “You’re gay and don’t want to admit it.” “Don’t be selfish, just pick

By Priya Gauchan and Brittney Rigby   Senthorun Raj is a queer academic focusing on the intersection of gender, sexuality and human rights. He loves Grindr,