By Sharon Mo   CW: sexual assault, sexual harassment     Last Thursday, just two days after the Australian Human Rights Commission released its landmark report on a national

By Dominic Giannini, Online Sub-Editor Yesterday, Tony Abbott gave us his latest pearls of wisdom. Writing a column for The Australian, Abbott went on to

  Dear Brittney and Tharunka Team I wanted to firstly congratulate you on the Semester 1 Tharunka that so directly and relevantly highlighted the issues of

By Charlotte Guthleben Introduction by Dominic Giannini, Online Sub-Editor Campus Morning Mail last week revealed that women who study science, engineering and IT are more likely

By Dominic Giannini, Online Sub-Editor It has been announced that UNSW plans on “disestablishing” 236 jobs in finance, external relations functions and at the Australian

Words and photographs by Grace Miner   CW: sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape   We will no longer be ignored.   This was one of the main messages at yesterday’s