By Sarah Hort   Student exchange is a popular option for UNSW Law students, with students able to study abroad for a year, semester or the

By Brittney Rigby, Managing Editor   Students in UNSW Law’s Juris Doctor program have offered to pay up to $10,000 for a place in Summer Semester

By Alicia D’Arcy, Features Sub-Editor   CW: queerphobia   On the evening of 13 September, the Queer Space was attacked when stickers left over from Mardi Gras were

By Harry Holbrook Photo by Shirley Hall   Students from Fossil Free UNSW shut down the Chancellery this morning to mark the release of a report highlighting

By Meriadoc Wilson A trend within LGBT+ spaces of late is to vilify cisgender gay men, especially white ones. Being agender and gay, I’ve seen

By Alex Rose The Bentley Effect is a film about "non-radical" protests – I REPEAT, "NON-RADICAL", NONE OF THOSE GREENIES HERE – against coal seam