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Prose Swansong By Emily Olorin   I perch, trusting eyes locked with your own. I am achingly breathless in the blue that drowns me; I Ophelia, the curve of a lily at the bottom of a lake. A dove staring docile on the branches of a tree, giving its trust …

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The Power Of Parentheses

A Short Ficto-critical Piece, Using Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Creative Process as an Example. By Rani Singh DRAFT ONE: “Lest we forget Manus, Nauru, Syria Palestine.” The public – yes, including you – would have swept over this. Its syllables, all strung together with barely separating spaces, would dissipate, adjacent to the …

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By Cameron Kennedy I stopped paying for public transport at the same time I stopped taking a seat. Plenty of my friends had an opinion on the matter: some decided it was unfair to freely use the service and burden my fellow travellers; some were jealous that I could so …

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