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A Roadmap

    By Rosie Bogumil   My body is a roadmap, Of white ridges, undulating hills and Curves of red mingling with slashes of grey, As if a snail raced to cross this broken landscape.   Slow and steady is the path from darkness, While I – the typical hare …

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Fish Sauce

By Jules Phan   The fish are dying. Clusters of protruding bellies glistening in the harsh sunlight; pale stripes tessellating the cold coastline like tuna packed in a well-expired can – oozing with rottenness.   The fish are still dying. The fishermen know; the conmen know; the government knows;   …

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By Brittney Rigby Last night, it felt like you and I had come apart, like Nothing was forever and hope had tiptoed From our hearts And hidden itself But tonight, our lips brought us back together We breathed every: I’m sorry, I’ll be better into one another without saying a …

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Thinking in Black & White

By Zara Khan You developed these abstract thoughts In my mind Of a life that was so divine Like a photograph, that I could not call mine Maybe you are right. Maybe This is the Grand Design – Eating away at walls, until one beckons Thee And everything falls.

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