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S.O.S to ASOS, by Justine Ching

S.O.S to ASOS By Justine Ching It’s 10am, slightly overcast with a brisk chill sweeping across campus. It’s still summer yet autumn is impatiently knocking. You shiver, take out your phone, open your browser, type in “aso-” to which your phone responds with an auto suggestion: www.asos.com.au. You scroll past …

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Prose Swansong By Emily Olorin   I perch, trusting eyes locked with your own. I am achingly breathless in the blue that drowns me; I Ophelia, the curve of a lily at the bottom of a lake. A dove staring docile on the branches of a tree, giving its trust …

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Holes in the walls

  By Carrie Lee   What I’m struggling with most of all Is finding balance Between truth and kindness My brother is making an art gallery on the walls Carving his sixteen year old emotions into sculptures His hands are his tools Touching, Feeling The plaster, Making it his …

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A Letter to Death

By Harriet Sim   Dear Death,   How can I satisfy you?   Do I not allow you hours of nightly torment?   Do I not lay my docile body out each night for you to infest and congest my fragile conscience?   You send surges of constraint around my …

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