Universities Pledge New 24/7 Support Line for Sexual Assault/Harassment Survivors

By Alicia D’Arcy, Features Sub-Editor

All Australian universities have pledged to fund a new national support line over the next four months in order to provide support to student victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The hotline will be run by Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, a specialist trauma counselling service, from 31 July to 30 November.

The support line is being established to deal with the expected support needed after the Australian Human Rights Commission releases their report regarding sexual assault and harassment on university campuses on 1 August.

The phone number for the support line has not yet been released.

The National Union of Students and women’s collectives from universities across the state will be holding a rally on 2 August at the University of Sydney to protest rape culture and call on university management to meet relating demands.