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Letter from the Editor: On the QUEER Cover

By Leo Tsao, Designer     As we continue to dismantle the bullshit that is the gender binary, sexuality and gender are naturally being increasingly identified on a spectrum.  Although this dismantling process has allowed people to be more and more comfortable with expressing themselves and their identity, it has …

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Agony Ibis: Queer

My Heartbreak Should Warrant Breaking a Promise

  By Mirachael Racela   Dear Agony Ibis, I’m all for marriage equality, and it’s been great to see groups on campus advocating for queer people. The real question is, how do we make sure our vote counts? Kind Regards, Allied Allyson   Dear Allyson, It’s not that hard to …

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The Sexuality Pay Gap

By Jordan Daly   The existence of a gender pay gap is pretty well-established unless you’re a Men’s Rights Activist. It’s probably one of the few things you can get the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Council of Trade Unions and Workplace Gender Equality Agency to agree on.   However, …

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