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Why Theory Isn’t Everything: Complacency and the Case of the Disappearing Man

By Katie Kendall   undo   She takes me out for dinner just to watch the waitress undo her sugar hair behind the kitchen door. That’s the kind of girl I like, she says. I don’t remember when I stopped trying to become myself. I watch the waitress, her smallness, …

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By Priya Gauchan   Being queer is my identity and I wear it out every day. Being a woman is my identity and I wear it with my head held high. Being a person of colour is my identity and I wear that daily too.   All these tags inked on …

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Six Variations for a Female Vocalist

By Eva Caley   I. I think I choose to remember the wonder. I was entranced. “Charmed” was the word I think you would have used. I remember the nights of dancing, talking, secrets shared from whispered lips, and dripping crystal eyes that flickered, candle-like, in the darkness. I remember …

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Dear Aunty Aileen

  By Roisin McGee I’m supposed to be writing your eulogy now. Mam called last night and asked if I could speak at tomorrow’s service, because she couldn’t bring herself to. I couldn’t force myself to say “no” to her shaking voice. I haven’t even seen her yet. Dad picked …

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By Sharon Wong Image: Joe Benke, Fairfax  In a democracy, there is first that most splendid of virtues equality before the law. Secondly it has none of the vices of monarchy: for all offices are assigned by lot, all officials are subject to investigation and all policies are debated in …

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