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Bullying in Medicine

By Scott Ashby I’m a fifth year medical student, who started my proper clinical placements this year. Yesterday, I was in surgery, and was asked to scrub in so I could get close enough to see and participate. What happened was as follows: When scrubbing I tried to remember what …

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‘Conservative’ Warrior

By Ned Hirst Tony Abbott is a self-described “conservative warrior.” Increasingly it seems as though the “conservative” is just a place-filler. Admittedly, to describe oneself as simply a warrior gives the impression that one is some kind of Braveheart figure (and given Abbott’s obsession with the monarchy he would never …

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A Change in Direction

By Adrian Rook Last year’s federal budget was big news for all the wrong reasons. Commentators were using words like ‘cruel’ and ‘unfair’ to describe it. In comparison, coverage of this year’s budget has been muted. Skimming the newspapers gives you a sense of the main theme – this is …

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Loocl: Motivating Students to Stay Local

By Michelle Ives It’s not rocket science: students will go wherever they can to get the best value deal. And although it’s optimistic to want to support local business, especially those on the UNSW grounds, it’s not always financially viable. In reality, the larger chains and off-campus retailers succeed in …

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10 Myths About Asylum Seekers

Divya Venkataraman provides some responses to throw into your next asylum seeker oriented conversation. We’re saving people from drowning at sea! This “moral upper ground” argument doesn’t compute in a few ways, yet it is possibly the most persuasive of them all. Hell, I found myself reconsidering my position. But …

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