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May 2014

The strangest thing about House of Cards is how it is even considered television. A more apt name would be: “A 14-hour cinematic drama delivered via a web-based platform”. There is nothing remotely “episodic” about it, especially when compared to the equally enthralling, long-form BBC

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When you try your best and you don’t succeed (in avoiding UNSW elections)

Election season is upon us again. Expect to see the same group of political hacks, law students, debaters, United Nations fanatics, and a few genuinely earnest types taking over your Facebook newsfeed and postering every exposed inch of concrete on campus. This week’s Shortlist is election-themed. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. It’s going to be a thoroughly average couple of weeks.


Students from university campuses across Sydney temporarily shut down live broadcasting of ABC’s Q&A last night, while protesting Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s proposal to deregulate university fees, among a raft of recommendations aimed at creating a US-style college system in Australia.

Benjamin Hammond, member of the NSW Education Action Network of students, said the protest was designed to give a voice back to young people, who have until now been largely ignored by the government in the higher education debate ahead of the Federal budget announcement next week.

“Christopher Pyne and the Liberal government have an extreme agenda for education. He wants to emulate the U.S. system which has entrenched students into a future of debt and poverty,” Hammond said.