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March 2014

Paintball Rip Off.issue3.Matthew Davis

The International Paintball Group (IPG) can often be seen spruiking their $8 paintball deals on the main walkway. I wish to inform you that IPG misrepresented and outright lied to me about the true prices and conditions of that deal.

IPG’s sale tactic is to lure people in with the tempting deal of only “$8 per person”, plus a “great deal on ammo”.  Allegedly, $8 is all that is required to cover basic equipment and registration for each player. In reality, the cost of equipment is extracted through a higher $25 rate for the first one hundred paintballs. This distortion of cost allocation is designed to fool people into committing some money initially. Then, as the true costs and hidden fees gradually reveal themselves, customers feel they have already committed too much to pull out.

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Game Review by Sarah Fernandes

Trigger warning: rape, discussion of rape culture

The splash screen for The Day the Laughter Stopped is graced by a hauntingly vague video compilation of the game’s praises, set to the sound of waves crashing along a shore. “It’s hard to play this game, but it’s necessary that people do,” reads one. “As powerful as it is disturbing,” says another. Yet the screen is surprisingly vacant when it comes to a description of the game’s actual contents. We know that it’s a text-based interactive fiction game. We know it’s trying to raise awareness about something that deserves a trigger warning. But it doesn’t specify what it is. Clicking through the trigger warning disclaimer brings you to this:


Artists, activists, curators and cultural Sydneysiders breathed a sigh of relief on March 7 when Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, the director of Transfield Holdings, stepped down as chairman of the Sydney Biennale after mounting pressure.

If you missed the controversy leading up to his resignation, Transfield recently signed a $1.2 billion contract committing to the building and maintenance of offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island. The controversial link between the Biennale and the government’s implementation of mandatory detention provoked a handful of artists to withdraw their work, relinquish their fee and cancel their public events in protest.

Childcare at UNSW

UNSW students with young children are finding it increasingly difficult to find accessible and affordable childcare on campus, which can exceed $100 a day. This is leaving many students – predominantly young women – struggling to keep afloat financially.

 According to SRC President Joel Wilson, “Students at UNSW believe that the current system of on-campus childcare is unaffordable and unable to cater to their needs.”


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has implored the resounding success of Operation Sovereign Borders. Mr Morrison informed Tharunka that the joint operation between the Australian Defence Force and Border Patrol had managed to far exceed his initial expectations upon coming into office.

“I thought realistically that two or three territorial breaches into Indonesian waters would be a fantastic outcome for our first few months,” Mr Morrison said. “But to the credit of both the Defence Force and Border Patrol who are working in unity, we have achieved six breaches in just over the first three months of 2014.”


With the ink barely dry on the new alcohol restrictions, Kings Cross has miraculously been named Australia’s safest suburb. Exclusive sources reveal that over the course of just five nights, the Cross skyrocketed to the top of the “Safest Suburbs Index”, much to the disbelief of industry experts and party goers. The Cross even out performed the suburbs of Canberra, historically known for their slow-paced, “nothing-to-see-here”, “lets-build-another-roundabout” lifestyle.

Tharunka caught up with Mr Pumbaa, owner and manager of Porky’s family restaurant on Darlinghurst Road, who approves of the new O’Farrell measures. “These laws have been great for us; my colleagues and clientele have never been happier nor safer,” confessed Mr Pumbaa.