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March 2014

Art review by Dylan Chalwell

One of the most exciting developments in modern art is the emergence of provocative, unauthorised pieces in inner-city enclaves. In Surry Hills and Darlinghurst, for example, the only thing more pleasantly surprising than finding a wall that has been graffitied by local artist Lister, is finding one that hasn’t.

UNSW has ranked third in the 2013 National Union of Students (NUS) report on the implementation of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), behind USYD and the University of Melbourne.

 In 2014, the SSAF, part of the Student Services and Amenities Bill 2011, imposes a mandatory $140.50 fee on full-time students in order to fund a wide range of student services, among them an expansion of funding to Arc. The fee was implemented in response to the decline in quality of campus life during the Howard era of voluntary student unionism, and is stridently opposed by the current Abbott government.

Single Serve Hot Fudge Cobbler 

I am not used to having no time. I don’t know if this is all that student life is about, but I feel like if I do not have work to do, then I have people to meet. If I don’t have people to meet, I have to sleep. If I don’t have to sleep, I have to be travelling for 2 hours.

 I no longer have a lot of time to enjoy my hobbies either. I love to bake, but I can’t spend 2 hours baking a cake, frosting it and then enjoying it. If there were an oven on my bus, it would be a lot easier.


Album Review by Kyle Redman

The sonic evolution of UK quartet Wild Beasts through previous albums, Limbo, Panto, Two Dancers and Smother, presents itself in its most complete form on Present Tense. Their fourth record, and one that’s essentially guitar-less, sees the band lose their raw musical drama in place of reflection upon post-millennial misery. The transformation from guitar band to electronica act coincides with the band’s movement from a selfish celebration of promiscuity, to a more frictionless, modern uneasiness with intimacy.


Acceptance of homosexuality has increasingly become a norm in modern society. Although challenges are still evident in the LGBT community, societal norms towards individuals identifying as LGBT have transcended due to education and shared acceptance. This is in part due to events in the global community, which have allowed for more common awareness, education and advocating.

 So what does LGBT have to do with the sporting world – after all, this is a sports article?  Answer: A LOT!