February 2013

The probable opening of a Max Brenner chocolate store at UNSW this year has prompted concerned students to question the decision to allow on campus a corporation affiliated with elements of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), who are accused of war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Acting President of Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW, Ali Hosseini, told Tharunka that he was disappointed that a respected academic institution such as the university would “stoop so low as to do business with Max Brenner”, demanding the university withdraw from working with the company.

Following  accusations of vote rigging and corruption in 2009,  the peak body representing Australian university students, The National Union of Students’ decision to  block discussion on abortion decriminalization at its National Conference held late last year has sparked outrage amongst many female students.

Labor-Right’s Mikaela Wangmann, a member of the hard-line Christian socially-conservative faction of the ALP, the Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees Association (SDA), was elected as NUS Womens Officer at the National Conference.