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September 2012

For the past two years, the media has been capturing the debate of whether Australian ex-hacker Julian Assange, currently in the UK, should be extradited to Sweden, where he faces rape charges.

This debate notwithstanding, the events of past few weeks shed a new light on Assange’s plight: the man who has relentlessly stood by his aim to tell the truth has turned for help to another man who has relentlessly endeavoured to bring down those who search for it.

A Man Like Luai by University of Melbourne student Ellena Savage is the winner of the Tharunka Non-Fiction Writing Competition 2012. Tharunka would like to thank the judges Lisa Pryor, Jason Whittaker and Matthew Thompson.

It is May, 2009. A cold, clear night; frost will set over the tips of lawns before dawn. I wait at a bar for my new boyfriend, Luai, a thick-armed, thick-lipped Eritrean-Australian. He is late. Of course, he is late.