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July 2012

Each week, Wankie heads out to the COFA campus at Paddington to have a chat with one of the cool cats of art school. This edition’s featured kid is Wallacia Horn-Matton, a third year undergrad in the new discipline of Performative Aesthetics (haven’t heard about this

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Sunella Jones tells Wankie how to do market in contact with nature. Wankie: This is a garage sale in a park? Sunella Jones: Yes, but I prefer to call it a Park Sale. I don't have a garage, and I especially don't own a car. Ew. I

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The recent cuts at Fairfax have caused panic in newsrooms all over Australia with almost two thousand job losses for the papers affected. While it has been an expected decline for over a decade, the sudden shift in Fairfax’s approach to the problem caught many by surprise.

While Peter White, Senior Lecturer for Journalism at UNSW, is hesitant to predict a direct link between the end of newspapers and the end of journalism itself, he worries that the alternative models won’t be enough to support the same number of reporting careers.