June 2012

An event organisers say is aimed at ‘cultivating a culture of welcome’ on immigration and asylum seeker issues is being targeted by the hard-right nationalist Australian Protectionist Party (APP).

Organised by Nicholas Folkes and Darin Hodges, both senate candidates for the APP at the 2010 Federal election, the “Torpedo Gillard’s Boat Policy” event will be held during Refugee Week to coincide with the “Welcome to Australia” campaign supported by Mission Australia.

The Fire is a short play presented by the good people at NUTS and last week you could have caught it at Studio 1, right here on campus.

That’s right, the theatrical arts are going on around you, in the dank and dingy arts precinct on the northern side of the lower campus. This is theatre by students, presented to you at student prices and (some of it) dealing with student concerns. So it’s cheap, its local and I trust it’s a blast to be a part of, but is it any good?

Following the University’s buy-back of Arc retail stores, the Pharmacy at UNSW has been told that it may need to restrict its product offerings to medicinal products only, in a move that Tim Kaliyanda, President of the Student Representative Council labeled ‘exploitative’ and unfair to students.

Rumours have circulated since the buy-out that the University is planning to increase lease revenue by raising rent by approximately 70%.