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March 2012

Tumblr and blog accounts of late have featured a parody cover of the Sydney Morning Herald, in reaction to Gina Rinehart’s increased ownership of Fairfax Media.

The online masthead of the Sydney Mining Herald shouts “Perth: Australia’s Real Capital,” the featured visual image has Miranda Kerr on the catwalk wearing coal, and other headlines include “The ABC has too many facts” and a seminary from Andrew Bolt, “Why Right is Right, and Why Get Up are Muslims.”

Did you know that in the late ‘60’s – early 70’s that if a man wore a blue hanky in his back pocket he was subliminally expressing that he was into ‘cock and ball torture’?

Nik Dimopoulous and John Tsiavis do. Together they have collaborated to produce slick, sexy and clever photographs exploring the ‘hanky codes’ via which gay men in the past communicated their sexual fetishes and desires.

Arc announced yesterday the creation of a new council to represent students living on campus. 

Approved by the Arc Board late last year, the Inter-Residence Council (IRC) will consist of members from each of the UNSW colleges – Basser, Baxter, Goldstein, Shalom, New, New College Village, Warrane, Creston, International House and Village.