February 2012

There are not many universities in the world that offer such broad selections as are available at the UNSW Kensington campus.

The Refectory at University College London is a pitiful basement with menus reminiscent of school lunches –a fact that is compensated by the free Hare Krishna meals offered outside the School of Oriental and African Studies – while Madrid’s Complutense boasts a large bar in the Philology Department that serves precisely what every other cafeteria in Madrid might serve: bocadillos and gazpacho, among other Spanish delicacies.

As the Republican candidate shitstorm has reached a fever pitch, the Republican party members are doing absolutely everything they can to not nominate Mitt Romney.

The initial polling is even starting to look like Romney might not take his home state of Michigan. This is absolutely insane. Understandably, staunch conservatives are revolted by Romney, because there is almost no issue he hasn’t been on both sides of. Romney is, as one Republican voter described him “an empty suit”.

In 2005, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the yet to be passed Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation introduced by the Howard Government, would seriously threaten the survival of student unionism as we know it.

As it turns out, it did. On March 16, compulsory union fees were replaced by the VSU legislation, so that, according to the then Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, students would no longer have to join a student union or pay a fee for non-academic services.